Our animal rescue center, shelter and sanctuary is located on nearly 2 1/2 acres in Paro, Bhutan. Over the past 14 years we have grown from a “normal” household of a few dogs and cats, to a home of approximately 500 animals, of all species and sizes and breeds and disabilities. Our facilities, though sometimes haphazard, have grown in simple response to the new emergencies and patients in hand.

Animals typically come to the Barnyard when they are in critical condition, so it is not uncommon for them to spend their first few nights, if not weeks, including large animals, in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house. Once they are well, however, they transition back to that which is their ideal environment.

At present our rescued critter-crew consists of 300+ dogs, 29 cats, 41 horses and mules (several with prosthetics), 44 cattle, 39 goats, 24 pigs, a wild boar, and a Himalayan Griffon vulture. Most have come to us with the help of communities near and far after enduring broken legs and other serious injuries from car accidents, wild animal attacks, falls from cliffs or are suffering from parasites, malnourishment, abandonment, and neglect.

Many people find it odd that such diverse animals coexist with each other so well, but each animal has faced his or her own struggle and suffering which brought them here – I think it is this commonality that silently and instinctively unites them all.

We believe every life has value, and each and every sentient being has the right to live, be protected, and be happy, irrespective of any supposed utility value for humans. A missing limb, blindness, and/or other compromising conditions are just part of that animal’s story – not something which makes him or her less important or deserving of love and happiness.

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For animal emergencies, please contact us any time day or night on +975 17641224.